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This list of notes enables you to understand Smartec products better and make it easier to get good and fast results.

All the information on these pages is free to copy and can be used for your own application.

If you have an application which is of interest for other users, please let us know and we will be pleased to extend the list with your application.

These engineering notes cover the five Smartec core products:

• Temperature sensor
• Humidity sensor
• Pressure sensor
• Universal interface
• Infared sensors

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Temperature sensor SMT172

How to build your I2C bus system on a Raspberry Pi  

Starters guide
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Psychrometer based on wetbulb temperature measurement
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Laser Solder Service for HEC and SOT223
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SMT172 LabVIEW application for SMTAS08usb
application for accurate measurement of 8 Sensors based on LabVIEW

SMT172 connected to Raspberry Pi via I2C 
a little software how to connect via Raspberry Pi multiple temperature sensors (I2C bus) 
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About sampling and measure over more periods
A theoretical article about accuracy when sampling duty cycle signals.
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Using analogue output for SMT172
Most simple measurement of the output of the SMT172 is by means of a low pass filter.
Apps for an easy and high accurate temperature controller and a temperature gradient detector.
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Arduino software for running SMT172 within 0.01 °C resolution and 0.1 °C accuracy
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Scientific paper about the design of the SMT172
About the design, DEM and FoM (Figure of Merit)
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A two wire cable connection for the SMT172
by means of two diodes and a capacitor the SMT172 can be connected
via a two wire (shielded) cable to the microcontroller.
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SMTAS04USB mini and SMT08USBmini software for read and store temperature values.
dont forget to remover the 'pdf' in the filename
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Universal Transducer Interface (UTI)

A quick start guide about the use of the UTI
Based on the theory of the two port measurement and the
three signal technique a very accurate capacitance measurement (aF range) can be realized.
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The three signal technique for UTI apps
Samples of the Pt1000 measurement and a capacitive sensor (2 pF range) the ease of use of the UTI is shown.
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A Micromachined Nanoindentation Force sensor
A capacitive force sensor has been designed and manufactured  and evaluated
for in situ nanoidentation experiments in a TEM.
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Measuring potentiometer and a Pt100/1000 with a UTI
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Measuring 8 Pt100/1000 elements with one UTI
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A measurement system for conductivity sensors
A low-cost accurate measurement system for four-electrode conductivity sensor is presented. Range 0.1 µS to 10 mS.
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A long cable application for Pt element measurement with UTI
Due to cable capacitances the accuracy of measurement in resistive applications will decrease.
Therefor is it advised to apply DC excitation for long cable application.
With this design cable length of over 150 meter can be measured with a very high accuracy
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Software for read and store capacitance and resistive output values of UTI evaluation kit
dont forget to remover the 'pdf' in the filename

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UTI evaluation board manual for software
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Infrared sensors SMTIR9901 and SMTIR9902

Relation between black body temperature and the output voltage of the SMTIR9901/02 and SMTIR9902sil infrared sensors.
Measured at a sensortemperature of 25 °C and black body temperature range between 0  °C and 100 °C.
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Humidity sensor HS07/08A

NEW Psychrometer based on wetbulb temperature measurement
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Using saturated salt solutions it is possible to calibrate the HS07/08A humidity sensor in an accurate way.
By use of LiCl a three point calibration can be arranged.
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With a little analogue circuit and the HS07 humidity sensor, a DC output can be made for humidity controller.
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Pressure sensor SPD family

Introduction to Smartec Pressure Devices, SPD series pressure sensors.
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Quick selection guide for Smartec Pressure sensors
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